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It was all a dream...


We started our very first clothing line during our senior year in high school. We scraped together our savings and bought 100 blank black AAA t-shirts in Downtown Los Angeles and a Brown one-color press. We didn't know what we were doing, business and production-wise, but we knew we wanted to work for ourselves. Our clothing line had some moderate success before life got in the way. 

Over the next 15 or so years, Julio and I tossed around many ideas for new ventures in-between our busy lives. Julio started a family and a full-fledged printing business while I toured with a few bands and worked in marketing. But the one thing we always came back to was wanting to start a clothing line. 

The One Two Threads website went live on May 30th, 2019 with only one product, the Twizzle hat and we got our first order the very next day (thanks JD). It was an idea we've talked about for months. We wanted to start a clothing line that combined our love for soccer (La Galaxy), basketball (Lakers), and fashion. 

Over the next three months, we shipped more orders than we could ever imagine and have met tons and tons of new friends. Even though our brand is only a few months old, we've been working towards this moment for close to two decades. 

So we just wanted to say from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! We wouldn't be here without you guys and gals. 

Jamie and Julio