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What a week!

Let's start off by saying what a crazy week for our beloved LA Galaxy. 

We went on a roller coaster ride of emotions and I don’t think it is going to end anytime soon. 

First, they drew (and are still unbeaten) against their crosstown rivals. Then, we saw them dig themselves out of a first-half deficit against Seattle, scored three goals in 15 minutes and lost on a Christian Roldan goal in the 89th minute. 

The good is that players not named Zlatan Ibrahimović are scoring goals.

The bad is that the defense is still a liability and has been the past few years. 

What can they do? 

Get a better defense, of course, but that’s not going to happen this season.

What else can they do? 

Grow a pair, dig deep, and not lose the last few games (three at home and three away) of the season so they can make the playoffs. 

The playoffs are a different story but we’ll get to that later on so let’s cross our fingers, say a few prayers (or a lot) and hope for the best.